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Eskorberry (Elderberry) Sea Moss Gel-16 oz



Our sea moss is sourced from St Lucia and contains many vitamins and minerals needed to support your immune system.  Sea moss may help reduce inflammation, boost energy, reduce mucus, and improve your overall health.   Our Eskorberry (Elderberry) Sea Moss Gel is one of the most powerful sea moss gels to ensure your immune system is equipped to fight colds, flu, and Covid-19.  A healthy lifestyle should be incorporated to ensure optimal results.  Ingredients in our Eskorberry Sea Moss include Elderberry Syrup, Sea Moss, Alkaline Water  and Lime.  Consume 2-3 tablespoons up to twice a day alone or with any food or beverage.

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  1. Charee Mason

    I absolutely love the flavor of this particular chill. I’ve always used elderberry syrup when I take it every morning in the syrup form. However, when I took this instead of the syrup it gave me the same benefits as if I took the elderberry syrup. Elderberry is a very powerful ingredient to maintaining a good immune system. I also found my energy levels was increased, and I am more alert throughout the day. Normally I have to drink at least two cups of coffee to make it throughout the day and maybe some tea in the afternoon and I’ve noticed that I don’t have to do that to be alert. I take this in conjunction with the drink and I am able to function throughout the day and I have so much clarity.

    • Power of Sea Moss

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