Power of Sea Moss

About Us

About Us

“Power of Sea Moss was launched because I knew experienced first-hand how this superfood can enhance your quality of life. As I started getting older, I noticed I was no longer able to exercise as long. I gained weight and every time I would run, my knees would hurt. A friend shared with me how sea moss transformed his health three years ago. Eventually I started to consume raw sea moss in my smoothies every day. It didn’t take long for sea moss to work its magic! I lost the 25 pounds my doctor had been on me about for over two years. I was able to run, cycle, and I noticed my bones and joints were getting stronger. I was able to do exercises that I had not been able to do in over 20 years.”

“It took two years for my wife to finally start taking sea moss. Once she saw my transformation, she started consuming sea moss faithfully. Together we have now lost over 60 pounds. Our family and friends soon started asking what we were doing to get healthy. Many had heard of the anti-viral benefits and wanted to know how they too could get sea moss. Since Covid-19 affected both our incomes, we had the time to work on perfecting our product. We started with 5 flavors and received an overwhelming response. We started working local farmers markets to share how sea moss had helped us and so many others. We have now shared the Power of Sea Moss with thousands of people. Each week the testimonials just keep coming!”

“What amazes us the most about sea moss is that it helps everyone in a different way. Some say sea moss helps regulate their digestive system and thyroid. Others have testimonies of lower blood pressure, fluid reduction, and of course many report weight loss and increased energy. Male friends are very happy with the stamina and increased sexual performance sea moss gives them. Women often experience increased libido. Our goal is to help people who have health issues and weight loss goals. Helping people increase their quality of life is something we are very passionate about”

“Sea Moss, incorporated with small daily changes can help you reach your goals. We always tell people that if you do a little, sea moss will do a lot. The Power of Sea Moss has given us more energy than what is needed to get through our very busy day. As a previous rugby player, my body has been through a lot physically. Sea Moss has helped strengthen my joints, bones, aids in muscle memory and increases metabolism-All essential for healthy living and weight maintenance. Sea moss has healed us from the inside out. My wife and I believe and trust in the Power of Sea Moss. Sea Moss has changed our lives for the better and we know it will do the same for you.”

~ Eskor and Lele Ewah